Your smile is the first thing people notice. When you have a white, shimmering smile people will take note of you. This can produce a generally favorable impression of you right off the bat. But if you have broken and missing or yellow teeth, it can give people a different impression. Don’t let your smile prevent you from all of the experiences life has to offer.

Instead, consider working with a dentist. Located in downtown Seattle, these professionals will take the time to restore your beautiful smile. When you work with our office, we will take the time to give you some insight on the things you can do to maintain a healthier, happier smile.

Services We Offer

In our downtown Seattle office, you’ll find we offer all the essential services you need to ensure your mouth is as healthy as possible. Our dentist has an extensive background in several services that are designed to make your smile shine.

Crowns and Bridges

When teeth are damaged, they may need some repair done to them. A crown can be used on a single tooth, while bridges are used to assist with the repairs of several teeth.


Sometimes your teeth may need a little extra help from the dentist to be perfectly aligned. This is where braces come in. These can be used to address overbite and other concerns. In downtown Seattle we offer both traditional braces, and the invisalign brand.


The health of your gums matters. In order to extend their health and to ensure you continue to have the best smile possible, you must have healthy gums. This means taking the time to deep clean them and ensure they are free of any health concerns during your regular visit to the dentist in downtown Seattle.


Missing teeth can be replaced thanks to implants. With two unique methods that can be used, this is the most effective way to restore the appearance of your smile. All while having replacement teeth that will look and feel natural.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to improve the quality of your smile? Then cosmetic dentistry is the solution. With proven techniques you can have straighter and whiter teeth than ever before. That will leave you smiling and all those around you commenting on just how beautiful that smile truly is.

Root Canals

In order to save a tooth, a root canal may be necessary. This will remove decay in the tooth and prevent the root from experiencing further damage. This process is incredibly safe and you’ll notice an almost instant difference in how your teeth feel.

Don’t Delay Book Your Appointment Today

Don’t keep putting off going to the dentist. Teeth will not heal on their own and the longer you allow a problem to fester, the harder it will be to fix it. Contact our office in downtown Seattle today and let us help you to discover the hidden potential of your smile. That way, you can look and feel better than you have in a long time.