Our mission, is to ensure that the dental health of all individuals in downtown Seattle is preserved and protected. When you choose our dentist, you select someone who believes in the community and offering quality dental services in a caring and professional environment.

We Strive for Excellence

In our downtown Seattle office, we strive for excellence in all the work we do. Our dentist continues to focus on building new skills and ensuring that the latest technology is available to our patients. While this does mean hard work, and a desire for continuous improvement, the result is constant quality delivered in every mouth we touch.

Excellence doesn’t just mean providing the best care. It is also providing you with the right care. As part of our mission, we will never try to sell you on a procedure you won’t need for the health or the desired cosmetic appearance you have for your mouth.

We Believe in Core Values

When you select our downtown Seattle location, you’ll also find we are compassionate individuals who take a humble approach to the work we do in the mouth. We understand how difficult and frightening it is to go to the dentist. Since each of us has a unique story behind the health of our teeth, we focus on respect and building trust, rather than worrying about pointing any blame or passing judgement. After all, the most important thing for your mouth is the healing process and improving your smile.

Our dentist will always treat you with respect, and honesty. We never recommend services that are done solely for aesthetics. We understand how tight budgets are and will provide you with affordable solutions that will make a difference in the appearance and overall health of your mouth. This same level of respect and honesty will also carry over to all the other individuals who are working in our downtown Seattle location. That means you can have a better experience when you are in our office.

A Healthier Smile

The most important thing is the health of your smile. When you work with us, we have a common interest. That is in the health and well-being of your mouth. Often, we can get services approved through your insurance provider to help assist with this. If you are a cash only customer, we can also explore new and alternative ways for you to get the most out of your smile. After all a healthy smile will mean better self-esteem for you and more doors opening up opportunities for you. It will also reflect an improvement on your general health in the process, as studies have proven things like cardiovascular health can be linked to oral health.

Take a moment today and discover what our offices can do for you. We are proud to serve the downtown Seattle area with all their dentistry needs and will ensure that every patient always leaves with the best smile possible. Along with better overall health, thanks to the efforts of the dentist that they visit in downtown Seattle.