What are Dental Crowns?

Much like the crown of a king is placed on his hand, the crown is a cap that will cover a tooth. This is usually done in cases where a tooth is broken, cracked, or requires a great deal of work. The dentist will first examine your teeth and determine the best course of action to help you with your dental health. Usually, this process is all done over the course of the same day and it can match your natural tooth color and shape.

When a tooth is worn and starting to become transparent, this is usually a sign that a crown is a smart option. By placing the crown over your tooth, the dentist can slow down the speed of decay. This will provide you with the strength you need to continue to eat as you normally would.

When a tooth requires a hefty amount of work, the crown may also be necessary. This is done to prevent the remaining tooth from fracturing. If damage keeps on increasing on the same tooth, these crowns can be used to help reduce the severity and occurrence of work that needs to be done on the tooth. Of course, a tooth that is missing or lost might need a replacement tooth that would usually benefit from the surrounding teeth being placed in crowns.

Additionally, if you have recently had a root canal, you’ll also note that your dentist will recommend this procedure. Since the root canal results in the hollowing of your tooth, this will reduce the risk of a fracture or bacterial infection from taking place. This is usually done before you even leave their office, because the more time the tooth is exposed, the greater amount of risk it will actually face in the process.

What are Dental Bridges?

Your dental bridge is a unique piece of dental ceramic that will cover several missing teeth. When the tooth is fused between them both, this is an anchor that will not only help to keep the bridge in place, but to also improve your ability to chew and speak naturally. Traditionally, the teeth used for an anchor are designed to work with crowns so that the bridge appears natural and that there aren’t too many surprises going on in your mouth.

Because it is important for these to look as natural as possible, extreme care is taken in this process. We take the time to match the existing teeth in the area so these bridges look as natural as possible. This includes both the color and the shape, which are often overlooked. That way, when you smile people only see the natural beauty that they have always remembered you having, rather than having a noticeable replacement that people will end up commenting on.

Remember, the overall health of your teeth is important. With a bridge and crown, you extend the life of your current teeth, and ensure that you can continue to speak, chew, and interact with others in a natural manner.