In downtown Seattle, the dentist might recommend you for periodontics. While the name may seem strange, it is one of the most important things you can do for your mouth. The practice of periodontics is done by a periodontist and they will take the time to prevent, diagnose and even treat your mouth for periodontal disease. These individuals will also handle dental implants in most cases.

These individuals take a look at the tissue in your mouth. As they do this, they are looking for things like oral inflammation, and signs of disease. This process is not handled by a standard dentist. On the contrary, to become a periodontist, an individual must take the time to further expand on their education over the course of three years.

Once they have been trained and certified, they can provide additional treatment for your mouth. These individuals are there when you have issues with severe gum disease in downtown Seattle. They will help you with scaling and improving the root planning in your mouth. During this time, they can clean diseased roots so their health can be improved and any damaged tissue is removed so further infection can be avoided in the process. They can also handle with the placement, repair, and general maintenance of any dental implants that are necessary for your mouth. This individual may also make additional recommendations on how to better treat or care for your mouth, when compared to the current plan that you are using.

When they are reviewing your mouth and its health, it is important that you are open and honest with your dentist. Because of certain medications and health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and even pregnancy, there are alternative considerations for the health and safety of your dental treatment. As with the general doctor, the dentist you visit in downtown Seattle will take the time to review and will continue to protect any sensitive health material that you may have listed.

While scanning your mouth, this professional will also take the time to determine depths and issues with teeth. They will determine what the gum line recession is and what teeth are fitting perfectly in the socket, and which ones are becoming loose. They will also use X-rays and determine what the underlying health of your teeth are so they can help you to better manage the health of your teeth.

When you visit our downtown Seattle office, you’ll find that we can handle all of your needs for periodontics. We take the time to go over any diseases we notice and will review all the latest treatment options we can offer you. The goal is to ensure that anyone who suffers from periodontal disease receives the best treatment possible. This includes not only those who have a minor conditions, but also those who would be classified as being moderate or severe. After all, it is not only the prevention that matters, but also helping to improve the health of your gums so that you can have the healthiest smile possible.